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HPRC experience in using innovative materials and unique solutions for transportation has given life to a new line of cases for easily carrying and neatly arranging all your electronic devices, small accessories, and everything you need at your fingertips while you travel or work. ...
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HprcLight Medio is a semi-rigid clamshell designed to organize and protect your gear. An easy magnetic opening system, combined with an elastic outer band, ensures a quick opening and secure closing. Thanks to the compact dimensions it is easily transportable in bags, backpacks and hand-luggages. Fits different on-the-go electronic devices and all action cameras. 

(Custom fit cubed foam and devices not included, tablet maximum size 7,9”)


External Dimensions

270(mm) x 220(mm) x 80(mm)


Internal Dimensions

230(mm) x 180(mm) x 60(mm)


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