Plaber America Inc., owner of the website, markets and sells high quality products. These goods have a lifetime warranty all over the World. The warranty comes into effect from the day of purchase of the goods. Plaber America Inc. must be informed of any non-conformity of products purchased on-line (including non-conformity of a product as a result of damages occurred during transport) within 2 (two) months of discovery (terms established by the Consumer Code); please do so by e-mailing Plaber America Inc. will contact the Customer and provide the replacing parts to restore the conformity of the product. Where not possible will arrange the pick-up of the non-compliant one, at no expense to the customer, and will restore the conformity of the product by repairing/replacing it.

N.B.: Warranty covers defects raised by manufacturing materials and not problems occurred by improper use, or damage, nor fall or crash events, or incorrect maintenance of the products. Warranty is applied only to the cases themselves (not to the foam inlays or accessories).