Foam Company


HPRC cases give you  the possibility to customize the shell by choosing from different colors, and also give customers the chance to choose the best solution to optimize space and handiness inside of your case. 

On service side, we are quite a unique company because we provide a full service of customization providing solutions almost without minimum quantities. Our OEM department analyze enquiries and come back to the customer in a couple of days with tailored solutions and quotes. 

The internal foam we use for our cases are composed by a synthetic material called polyethylene, a thermoplastic resin with high performance features that gives the equipment a total protection and safety even for the most delicate equipment. Our foam have a density range that varies from 25 kg up to a maximum of 45kg per meter cube, the density may vary according to the particular needs of the customer or the product’s features that must be accommodated inside.

We also offer the possibility to choose between three different types of foam’s cutting: water cutting technology foam,  milled foam or injection inlays; It also varies by the different needs.

If you provide our experts team with a 2D/3D drawing with all dimensions or, even better, the products you need to carry, they can help you choose the foam insert that suits you and offer customized advice throughout the whole process.


The custom inlay made in expanded poliethylene in different densities, guarantee a perfect protection and a professional look to your case. For the realization of this foam we must first of all create a mold, and for this reason the cost of the realization is a little bit higher than the other modes of cutting; This kind of foam is indicated for an order around 300/400 pieces. Our service include the initial study of the mold, the realization of the prototype and the final production.


The milled foam instead, consists in machining a single block (not layered) with the possibility of several cavities with different depths. With this type of processing of the foam, however, is not possible to create the cavity with right angles.


The Water cutting technology foam, is the most used and also the least expensive. It has a great resistance to compression (kPal) and different temperature ranges (° C). These foams, made of at least 3 layers, provide good protection and allow a wide range of customizations.


For all the three modes of processing of the sponge it is possible to create an internal case with different levels: a practical solution to make the most of the case depth, especially when the equipment is made of many different small parts to be transported and protected in one single case.