HPRC2710 for Chasing Innovation Gladius Mini

Waterlight and lightproof case, specifically designed to protect and transport the Gladius Mini, conceived to contain the underwaterdrone with all its accessories....
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Waterlight and lightproof case, specifically designed to protect and transport the Gladius Mini, conceived to contain the underwaterdrone with all its accessories. As whole HPRC range, the case is impact, drop and corrosion resistant. 


It features a pre-cut high-density foam interior that holds: 


  • Gladius Mini
  • Water Cable + Towel
  • Buoyancy weight module   
  • Controller  
  • Base station
  • Ipad/Iphone Remote Bracket  
  • Charger  


Available for pre-order.

Delivery time: within a maximum of 30 days after placing the order.


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