HPRC cases were born in 2006, with one simple premise: we can design a better case. In almost 10 years HPRC has grown into a successful international business, teaming up with important companies and partners. Our products can be found in 76 countries and have garnered top awards and praise. As we grow, our entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive the HPRC culture. After all, it’s what helped us build one of the world’s best hard cases brand.

Our cases can be used for all sort of applications and different areas: photography, industrial, military, nautical, police and many others and providing total protection to the carried equipment against dust, water, impacts and corrosion for chemical agents.

HPRC is about happiness by cases. it means it is not just in the business of creating protective cases, even though that the company do. Its everyday commitment is designed to make people happy. From an ever-growing collection of innovative products to our passionate team who makes it happen, it's all about happiness.

This is the reason why the commitment of HPRC is create a case for every need and if you don’t find the right one for you or best liked design we will make a customized case for you. Our expert team will be ready to support you to find the best solution for your equipment guaranteeing a technical product, performant, ultra-strong but especially with a life time warranty.

Customization concern colors, printing, adhesive, foam inlay (die cut, water cut, milled, molded), thermoformed inlay, lid panels and organizer, shell customization such as holes, external applications, keeping the watertightness when requested. 


We understand the problems of the markets and the specific requirements, even the most demanding, in order to keep updated with the latest technological innovations and offer an immediately cases ready to accommodate even the most delicate equipment.


We carefully listen the suggestions that our clients share with us through our various channels,  in order to try to offer a more powerful and advanced product.


Together with our experts we design our cases and adapt them to the needs of the moment thus providing a safe technical, ultra-resistant  and entirely  made in Italy product. We try to be incessantly innovative and competitive in the professional cases markets in term of lightness, endurance and price.


Our commitment starts from the design phase of the product and involves all the production stages including the management of the impact of the product’s end of life. All shells and components of  HPRC are 100% recyclable: the production and transformation discards are infact reintegrated in the production cycle. The high resistance of the patented material ttx01 allows to use the HPRC cases longer than any other case, reducing therefore the emissions of CO2 due to the production and distribution. Moreover HPRC adopts renewable sources plants for energy production to cover the energetic needs.


The new case is officially presented and introduced to the market, ready to be used and tested even in the most extreme situations. We’re always looking for what’s next. We’re constantly innovating our original designed form and function, proving a fresh approach to the art of cases. By incorporating  different styles, top quality materials and eye-catching patterns into our design, we make more than a case. We make a statement.