The HPRC 1300 Case is a crushproof, watertight case featuring cubed foam or a card holder interior....
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The HPRC 1300 Case  is a crushproof, watertight case available with cubed foam or with a card holder interior.


Version with cubed foam:

The model features two layers of pre-cut foam that can be customized as desired; it is suitable for containing GPS, PDA, smartphones, cameras, audio/video players; iPods.


Version with card holder interior:

It may contain:

- 8 SD cards
- 4 XQD cards
- 4 CF cards

The "full-empty" indicator it allows you to understand if the card has already been used or not.


It is made of TTX01 plastic compound used as well in any HPRC cases to deliver military-grade protection and watertight performances.

As our whole range it is lifetime guaranteed.
Temperature rating is -40° F to +176° F
Durability and watertightness ratings are STANAG 4280, DS 81-41, ATA 300 and IP 67



internal dimension:  116,1x67,6x25,6(mm) - 4.57x2.66x1(in)
external dimension: 127,5x90x32(mm) - 5.02x3.54x1.26(in)
lid: 12,8(mm) - 0.50(in) bottom: 12,7(mm) - 0.50(in)



empty: 0,09kg - 0.19lbs



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